Are You A Streaming Personality? How Do You Handle Security?

Online streaming delivers multiple tiers of income, sponsor incentives, and fame from the reasonable middle-class lifestyle to the world of the rich and famous, but it comes at a few high-tech costs. Whether you're a single-person operation or part of a streaming network, your personal brand ultimately rests on your ability to get on a video and do what you do. Along with the many technical requirements for streaming as a business, consider a few network security concerns that sting many streamers just as they begin to grasp popularity:

Filtering Legitimate Offers From Scammers

Unless you're already used to show business or have rare, powerful organizational skills as a natural trait, managing everything that comes with popularity as a business can be a challenge. You'll need to manage fan, critic, and sponsor platforms with all of their intricate issues, and that means dealing with a lot of messages.

From emails to conferencing programs such as Skype, Discord, Slack, or Mumble, you're putting yourself out there to be exploited digitally. You need to be sure that the marketing executive offering a sponsorship is actually who she says she is, or that the fans offering to send care packages are only interested in helping out.

Stalking or getting pulled into a phishing scheme are important risks, but you need to look to the more subtle problems that could be attacking your network and stealing your secrets. These seemingly innocent exchanges may be real or fake, but the messages you open and the links you follow may lead to infiltration, damage, and information theft.

That's just a risk of being on the internet. There are of course a few steps needed to "be careful", such as not opening obvious spam and following those links, but a bit of active protection won't hurt.

Network Security Can Build A Better Defense

A network security professional can analyze your network layout and interview you to figure out what kinds of threats you're facing. A standard security framework can be configured to catch modern exploits, but fine tuning has to happen.

For safety, include your security expert in your potentially high-risk digital tasks. They don't need to be in on your deepest, most secret work, but if there's a suspicious email or situation that you just can't get out of without accessing something risky, just get the expert on the task. With their help, the situation can be analyzed and either cleansed of damaging hack attempts or disconnected from anything important.

Contact an expert specializing in network security for business to figure out where your streaming platform stands in the battle for network security. Contact a company like 10D Tech for more information and assistance.