Two Things You Must Know Before Installing Video Surveillance In Your Airbnb Rental

Airbnb is a popular way for property owners to make extra cash by renting their homes and condos. However, this activity does come with the risk the occupants may damage the property or conduct unsavory business that could land the owners in legal hot water, which is why many owners install cameras in or around their properties. Before you opt to do the same with your home or condo, though, here are two things you must know.

Guests Must Be Notified

The number one thing you must know is that guests have to be notified about any video surveillance devices on the property. Not only is this Airbnb's policy, many states also have laws that require people to notify others when they're being monitored and/or get permission from the affected parties to have the cameras around.

In Hawaii, for instance, video surveillance is only allowed when you have the consent of the person being monitored. You don't need consent in Florida to use video cameras, but you cannot put them in places where people have the expectation of privacy, which may mean the bedroom and bathroom at minimum or your entire home. In Georgia, you cannot use hidden cameras at all; they must be obvious for all to see.

If you choose to use cameras inside or outside your home, you need to research your state laws regarding the issue; otherwise, you could be sued for invasion of privacy by your guests. Also, as mentioned before, Airbnb requires you to notify guests about the cameras, so it's essential you add that information in your listing so people are not unpleasantly surprised when they find the cameras in the home after they arrive.

The Cameras Must Be Tamper-Proof

Another issue you need to deal with is making sure the cameras you use are tamper-proof. Most people who still elect to stay at your home even though they know there is surveillance likely won't bother the cameras. However, you're bound to get a few guests who may try to tamper with the equipment.

Therefore, it's essential you invest in high-quality cameras that are vandal and tamper-proof. Additionally, the video feed should be streamed to an off-site source to prevent your guests from trying to erase their activities captured by the camera. It may also be helpful to get equipment that comes with an app you can use to visually check in with what's happening inside your home.

For more information about installing video surveillance in your home, contact a local security and technology company.