Software Tools For Your Small Trucking Company

Many companies need access to reliable shipping, making the transportation industry a lucrative one. If you want to increase the efficiency and productivity of your own small trucking company, you may want to consider upgrading the software you are using to service your business.

Here are three valuable small trucking company software tools that you should look for to help you better management your small fleet of trucks in the future.

1. Inventory Management Software

When companies partner with your trucking business to provide safe transport for their goods, they are relinquishing temporary control over their inventory to your drivers.

If you want to prevent costly mistakes from causing you to have to reimburse your clients for misplaced product, it can be beneficial to invest in a software program that links your truckloads with an inventory management system. This system allows you to identify exactly where a given item is at any time, giving you the opportunity to provide better service for your customers in the future.

2. Trip Report Software

Transportation companies often operate on small profit margins, so finding ways to reduce your trip expenses can be a simple and effective way to make your small trucking company more profitable in the future.

You should invest in a software program with the ability to create trip reports. These reports give you the opportunity to plan out your drivers' routes before departure in order to identify the fastest and most affordable route possible.

3. Driver Management Software

Remaining in compliance with the laws that govern trucking companies is critical when it comes to the success of your small transportation company. Having the ability to monitor your drivers closely gives you the opportunity to ensure they remain in compliance with rules and regulations at all times.

You may want to consider investing in a software program that allows your drivers to log vital information while they are on the road. This information can include the number of hours driven in a day, the total mileage traveled, and any technical problems experienced during transit.

You can use your new software program to access a driver's record in order to dispute any compliance complaints you may receive, and to address any potentially problematic trends that emerge when drivers log their daily information.

Utilizing the right software program will give you the ability to better manage your small trucking company. Look for software that allows you to track inventory, create trip reports, and manage drivers to make your trucking company more successful in the future.