Slow Internet Connection Interrupting Your Home Business? 4 Tips To Boost Your Power

If you work from home and you're on your computer all day, you need your internet connection to serve you well. Your business can suffer when you spend the better part of the day dealing with internet connection problems or modem reboots. Luckily, there are some things you can do that will improve your connection and get you the speed you need out of your internet. If your internet is giving you trouble, here are four steps you can take to get things running again.

Don't Hide Your Modem

If you've got your modem hiding behind your television or tucked away on a bookshelf, you're not going to get the best internet connection. Your modem needs to be out where it can get the proper signal. One way to do that is to elevate it above your television so that its signal doesn't get interrupted. Another thing you can do is move your modem to a more centralized location. This is particularly important if your modem is located at one end of the house. If that's the case, you're only going to get a good wireless connection to about half your house.

Use the Right WiFi Channel

If you have a lot of neighbors around your home, their signal could be interfering with your internet connection, especially if you're all operating on the same channel. You can avoid interruptions caused by crowded channels by searching for one that has better accessibility. Search for a channel that isn't as busy and switch to that one. It's a good idea to test your channel capabilities a couple times a year to make sure you're not being crowded out.

Invest in a Dual-Band Router

You might not realize this, but appliances like your microwave and landline phones can interrupt your internet connection. This is particularly true if your landline phone and internet connection are using the same router. To prevent appliance interruption, switch to a dual-band router. The dual-band router will provide the proper connection for all your appliances without interrupting your internet connection.

Protect Your Internet from Theft

If your internet connection isn't password protected or you've chosen a password that's easy to guess, neighbors could be stealing your internet signal. If that happens, you'll be providing free internet services for them, and you won't be able to access a proper signal for your own needs. To prevent signal theft, make sure your internet is password protected and that it's a password that's not easily guessed.

If you still experience slow internet speeds after following these tips, reach out to an internet service provider, like Solarus, for additional help.