Choosing The Right Two-Way Radio

Having the ability to stay in communication while you are traveling in remote areas can be beneficial in the event of an accident. Since cell phone service can be unreliable in the wilderness, many explorers opt to carry two-way satellite radios instead.

If you are in the market for a new two-way radio, here are three important factors to consider to ensure that you purchase the right radio to meet your communication needs in the future.

1. Think about the size and weight of the radio.

One of the most important things that you can do when looking to invest in a new two-way radio is to carefully consider the size and weight of each available unit. You don't want to invest in a radio that is bulky if you plan to do a lot of backpacking, as the extra weight could cause you to experience greater levels of fatigue.

If you do a lot of exploring during the winter months, you want to look for a two-way radio with an ergonomic design that can easily be operated while you are wearing gloves. Thinking about the size and weight of the two-way radio you purchase will ensure maximum convenience in the future.

2. Think about the range of coverage.

Another important factor that you need to take into consideration when purchasing a new two-way radio is the range of coverage provided by each model. Take the time to evaluate the distance you will need your radio to communicate reliably across as you travel into the wilderness.

Look for a two-way radio that guarantees coverage that exceeds your maximum mileage needs to ensure you will be able to contact someone should you need help in the future.

3. Think about the interference prevention features.

If you plan to use your two-way satellite radio in areas where there may be other hikers, skiers, or explorers attempting to communicate on two-way radios as well, you may find that you'll experience interference when trying to use a specific channel.

To help eliminate this interference, look for a two-way radio with the option to subdivide main channels into sub-channels via privacy codes. This feature will help to make your two-way radio more reliable in the future.

Being able to invest in the right two-way radio will ensure that you have the ability to effectively and efficiently communicate with others while you are spending time in a wilderness setting.